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CHP Finally Releases Lane Splitting Tips

Lane Splitting Road Sign Sticker - Share The Lane

As reported on our sister site, CityBike, the CHP released the lane splitting guidelines authorized by AB 51, now called “lane splitting safety tips,” just over two years after the bill passed. The CHP’s press release, included in its entirety

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AB 51 Signed By Governor Brown! Lane Splitting Is Officially On The Books In California!

Lane Splitting Road Sign Sticker - Share The Lane

We’ve just received word from Assemblymember Quirk’s office that AB 51, the bill that will officially put lane splitting (or lane sharing, if you prefer) on the books in California has been signed by Governor Brown. From the press release from

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Interview: Talking about Lane Splitting with AMA Board Member Jim Viverito

American Motorcyclist magazine articles on lane splitting

The American Motorcyclist Association quietly released an updated position on lane splitting in early November. This is exciting news for us here at LaneSplittingIsLegal HQ—I’m an AMA member, but I’ve also been frustrated that the AMA didn’t take more of

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SB350 Is Apparently Dead—California Lane Splitting Stays As-is, for Now

CA Lane Splitting Bill, officially dead in January 2014.

January 2014 has been an upcoming dark spot on the calendar for us here at the LaneSplittingIsLegal HQ—SB350, the bill that would introduce substantially restrictive limits on how we split lanes in California, was supposedly going to be revisited in

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More CHP Lane Splitting PSA Awesomeness: Radio Spots

The California Highway Patrol and the California Office of Traffic Safety continue to lead the way promoting driver awareness of lane splitting and safety for riders, launching two new radio spots with these goals in mind. The first features Sergeant Mark

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Talking About Lane Splitting & Sharing The Road on ABC 7’s “Beyond The Headlines”

Lane Splitting Road Sign

We got a call from the folks at ABC 7 in San Francisco, asking if we’d like to come talk about lane splitting on an upcoming segment about “sharing the road” on Beyond The Headlines with Cheryl Jennings. Talk about

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Lane Splitting Discussion With The CHP’s Mark Pope

CHP says lane splitting is ok!

Sergeant Mark Pope, Statewide Coordinator for the California Motorcyclists Safety Program and the CHP spokesperson who’s been quoted in various articles about the recently released CHP lane splitting guidelines, graciously took some time out this week to answer some questions about

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CHP & OTS Release Lane Splitting PSA Video

Following on the heels of their recently released lane splitting guidelines, the California Highway Patrol has posted a lane splitting PSA video, “Lane Splitting – Getting Home is a Shared Responsibility.” The short video reiterates that lane splitting is legal in

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KRON4’s Stanley Roberts On Lane Splitting

Stanley Roberts is well known for his “People Behaving Badly” segments on KRON4. He recently did a segment on lane splitting, in which he answers the question “So why is this a People Behaving Badly segment, if no one is

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SFGate.com Weighs In On Lane Splitting

San Francisco Lane Splitter

Since the recent Sacramento Bee coverage newspaper websites all over California have been echoing the Bee story. This morning SFGate.com posted “Motorcycle lane-splitting rules unveiled” – by far one of the more balanced pieces on lane sharing since the CHP guidelines were

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