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Interview: Talking about Lane Splitting with AMA Board Member Jim Viverito

American Motorcyclist magazine articles on lane splitting

The American Motorcyclist Association quietly released an updated position on lane splitting in early November. This is exciting news for us here at LaneSplittingIsLegal HQ—I’m an AMA member, but I’ve also been frustrated that the AMA didn’t take more of

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HellForLeather Interview With NV Assemblyman Richard “Skip” Daly On AB236

Lane Splitting Road Sign

The folks over at HellForLeather interviewed Nevada Assemblyman Richard “Skip” Daly about Nevada’s lane splitting bill, AB236, in a story posted yesterday. We’ve been tracking this bill since it’s inception and are glad to see it getting some additional coverage. One important bit

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Lane Splitting Discussion With The CHP’s Mark Pope

CHP says lane splitting is ok!

Sergeant Mark Pope, Statewide Coordinator for the California Motorcyclists Safety Program and the CHP spokesperson who’s been quoted in various articles about the recently released CHP lane splitting guidelines, graciously took some time out this week to answer some questions about

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