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AB 51 Has Achieved Concurrence In The Assembly—On To The Governor For Signature!

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Just three days ago, I posted that AB 51 had passed the full Senate, and here we are, closing out the week with more good news—AB 51 achieved concurrence in the Assembly yesterday, 74-0. Yeehaw! Here’s video of Assemblymembers Quirk and Lackey

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AB 51 California Lane Splitting Bill Has Passed The Senate!

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AB 51, which recently passed the Senate Transportation Committee 11 to 0, has passed the full Senate, 38 to 0. Video of the vote: The full vote happened yesterday, August 1st, 2016. The bill now goes back to the California

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California Lane Splitting Bill AB 51 Has Passed Senate Transportation Committee

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AB 51 passed the California State Senate Transportation Committee yesterday with no opposition. The amended version of the bill can be reviewed here in my post from May 27th. The bill passed 11-o, and will now go to the Senate Appropriations

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AB236 Defeated In Nevada Senate

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We’ve been following the progress of Nevada’s lane splitting bill, AB236, very closely. Despite passing with the Nevada Assembly with overwhelming support, the bill was amended in the Senate Transportation Committee to allow lane splitting only in stopped traffic, at

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Amended AB236 Passes Senate Trans Committee – On To Full Senate Vote

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AB236, Nevada’s lane splitting bill, has passed the Senate Transportation Committee. The bill was first heard by the Nevada Senate Transportation Committee on April 26th. The bill was then amended to allow lane splitting only in stopped traffic, at no more

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Lane Splitting Discussion With The CHP’s Mark Pope

CHP says lane splitting is ok!

Sergeant Mark Pope, Statewide Coordinator for the California Motorcyclists Safety Program and the CHP spokesperson who’s been quoted in various articles about the recently released CHP lane splitting guidelines, graciously took some time out this week to answer some questions about

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Nevada Lane Splitting Bill AB236 Heard By Assembly Transportation Committee

Nevada’s Assembly Transportation Committee met to hear AB236, which would legalize lane splitting in Nevada, last Thursday, March 28th 2013. The bill was presented by co-sponsor Richard Daly with presentations by Steve Guderian, Ernie Adler and Pete VanderAa, who then

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CHP & OTS Release Lane Splitting PSA Video

Following on the heels of their recently released lane splitting guidelines, the California Highway Patrol has posted a lane splitting PSA video, “Lane Splitting – Getting Home is a Shared Responsibility.” The short video reiterates that lane splitting is legal in

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KRON4’s Stanley Roberts On Lane Splitting

Stanley Roberts is well known for his “People Behaving Badly” segments on KRON4. He recently did a segment on lane splitting, in which he answers the question “So why is this a People Behaving Badly segment, if no one is

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More Sacramento Coverage of CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines

KCRA Lane Splitting Story

Following behind the recent Sacramento Bee story on the CHP lane splitting guidelines, Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA ran a story on the “first ever guidelines for legal lane splitting,” complete with some less-than-flattering lane splitting footage and the requisite “he

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