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AMA Reinforces Pro-Lane Splitting Stance with Articles in ‘American Motorcyclist’

American Motorcyclist magazine articles on lane splitting

The AMA released its lane splitting position statement back in November 2013, and we spoke at length with AMA Board of Directors member Jim Viverito and AMA spokesperson Pete terHorst about this long-awaited move in December. Beginning with the  April 2014 issue,

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HellForLeather Interview With NV Assemblyman Richard “Skip” Daly On AB236

Lane Splitting Road Sign

The folks over at HellForLeather interviewed Nevada Assemblyman Richard “Skip” Daly about Nevada’s lane splitting bill, AB236, in a story posted yesterday. We’ve been tracking this bill since it’s inception and are glad to see it getting some additional coverage. One important bit

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Public Radio AirTalk with Gabe Ets-Hokin and Robert Gladden

KPCC Lane Splitting AirTalk Segment - Mongol Rider

Southern California Public Radio station 89.3 KPCC ran an AirTalk segment yesterday to discuss lane splitting with Bay Area motorcycle community mouthpiece / CityBike editor Gabe Ets-Hokin and Vice President of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Robert Gladden. It’s great to see –

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SFGate.com Weighs In On Lane Splitting

San Francisco Lane Splitter

Since the recent Sacramento Bee coverage newspaper websites all over California have been echoing the Bee story. This morning SFGate.com posted “Motorcycle lane-splitting rules unveiled” – by far one of the more balanced pieces on lane sharing since the CHP guidelines were

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Sacramento Bee Covers the CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines

Info graphic from Sacramento Bee article on lane splitting

Calling lane splitting a “slick maneuver,” The Sacramento Bee posted a story by Tony Bizjak on the new CHP lane splitting guidelines today. It’s actually a pretty balanced and in-depth piece – far better than most of the echo chamber coverage

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Oregon Lane Splitting Rollup

Oregon Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is currently illegal in Oregon. However, there are signs of a move to make lane sharing legal. The Oregon Department of Transportation completed a Motorcycle Lane-sharing Literature Review (PDF)  in June of 2010, which looked at things like: Reduction

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LA Times Follow Up: Doug Smith Responds to Readers Letters About Lane Splitting

Lane Splitting Road Sign

I apparently jumped the gun a bit when I joked just yesterday that the LA Times is in danger of becoming a obviously slanted, pro-moto media outlet. Writer Doug Smith has just written another piece, responding to both positive and

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Responses to LA Times Perspective Piece on Lane Splitting

Lane Splitting Road Sign

The Los Angeles Times has posted two letters sent in response to the Perspective piece “On Two Wheels, It’s All Open Road.” (originally reported here) The letters represent motorists on either side of the lane sharing issue. On the “lane

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Old News: Lane Splitting Has Been Ok for a While

Sure, the CHP have just now come out and said lane splitting is legal and ok, and of course there were mentions of the practice in driver’s handbooks – but there were media mentions and opinion pieces here and there

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