Oregon Lane Splitting Rollup

Lane splitting is currently illegal in Oregon. However, there are signs of a move to make lane sharing legal.

The Oregon Department of Transportation completed a Motorcycle Lane-sharing Literature Review (PDF)  in June of 2010, which looked at things like:

  • Reduction in traffic congestion due to lane sharing
  • Reduction in some types of crashes
  • Potential safety issues
  • Lane splitting as an incentive to switch travel modes
  • Environmental benefits

The conclusion was “more research needed.”

In November 2010, KATU2 reported Oregon was looking “to allow motorcyclists to ‘lane split’ in slow traffic,” saying lane splitting “looks like a daredevil stunt.” Click through to the article to watch the TV report.

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One comment on “Oregon Lane Splitting Rollup
  1. Al Mills says:

    I have been riding for over 30 years. I have lived in states where lane splitting was allowed. I enjoyed having a motorcycle due to the fact that I didn’t have to wake up 3 hrs early to get to work on time and sit in traffic at a stand still smelling exhaust. In all the years of riding and lane splitting responsibly I never had a close encounter of any kind. I did encounter people that didn’t like seeing me go by but their bad for not having a bike. It has it’s advantages. I am all for lane splitting as long as it is done responsibly not putting yourself or others at risk. It may even encourage others to switch to a bike. Less exhaust better on the environment. Hands down I am a yes on lane splitting

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