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Exclusive Stories on

As the mission of involves from a PSA effort to help spread the word about the CHP lane splitting guidelines to becoming a resource on lane splitting in general, I’ll be working hard to get “exclusive stories” about lane

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New Posts on Lane Splitting In Nevada

Following up on recent work on state-specific lane splitting like the posts on lane splitting in the state of Washington, I’ve just completed two posts on lane splitting in Nevada. Background piece with details on current specifics on laws regarding

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The Week in Lane Splitting: 2.24.13

It’s been a big week for us here at First – and most importantly – I want to say a great big HUGE and heartfelt thanks to everyone: folks who liked this page, spread the word by sharing a

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Share The Road Stickers – Free All Around The SF Bay Area

I launched this website in January in response to the newly published CHP lane splitting guidelines. My original idea was that stickers with the URL would “tell the story” that lane splitting is legal in California, even if people who

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New Posts On Lane Splitting In Washington State

I added to posts on lane splitting in Washington state: Background piece on lane splitting in Washington. Lane splitting is specifically illegal, and the Washington State Patrol goes so far as to say motorists should call 911 and report ‘aggressive

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