New Posts on Lane Splitting In Nevada

Following up on recent work on state-specific lane splitting like the posts on lane splitting in the state of Washington, I’ve just completed two posts on lane splitting in Nevada.

  1. Background piece with details on current specifics on laws regarding lane sharing in Nevada.
  2. Information on AB236, a bill that would legalize lane splitting in Nevada.

More information on lane splitting / lane sharing in Nevada to follow – stay tuned for updates.

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2 comments on “New Posts on Lane Splitting In Nevada
  1. Tim Sandlin says:

    What is the best way to get a “lane splitting/ lane sharing” law enacted in Georgia?

  2. Surj Gish says:

    Tim, there’s not an easy playbook—it varies from state to state. Some tips:

    1. Attempt to understand overall sentiment toward motorcycling and lane sharing in your state.
    2. Gather like-minded riders into some sort of organization to work on legalizing it. In some states, that has meant existing orgs like ABATE, but in Oregon, riders have created Lane Share Oregon to work on legalization.
    3. Connect with other orgs like the AMA on your work.
    4. Identify at least one legislator to work with on a bill. Educate that legislator with solid, defensible information on lane splitting.
    5. Be prepared for it to take years, if you’re able to legalize it at all.

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