Bill To Legalize Lane Splitting Introduced in Nevada

Assemblymen Richard “Skip” Daly (District 31), Richard Carrillo (District 18) and James Healey (District 35) have introduced AB236 which would legalize lane splitting in Nevada.

AB236 would amend NRS sections 484B.207, 484B.210 and 486.351 to allow lane splitting. The important bit here is:

A person may drive a motorcycle or moped between moving or stationary vehicles occupying adjacent traffic lanes and traveling in the same direction as the motorcycle or moped provided that the person drives in a cautious and prudent manner and the motorcycle or moped does not exceed a speed of 30 miles per hour while driving between such vehicles.

In a nutshell, be cautious and keep your speed reasonable. Simple and smart – California State Senator Jim Beale would do well to take a peek at this language for his California lane splitting bill, SB 350.

We’ll post more information as we have it – stay tuned for updates.

Click to access AB236-Nevada-Lane-Splitting-Bill.pdf

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  1. […] minor changes in the language – we knew most of this was coming from the previous hearing. As we said when this bill was introduced, it’s simple and smart. Be cautious and keep your speed reasonable – which we should […]

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