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Amended AB236 Passes Senate Trans Committee – On To Full Senate Vote

Lane Splitting Road Sign

AB236, Nevada’s lane splitting bill, has passed the Senate Transportation Committee. The bill was first heard by the Nevada Senate Transportation Committee on April 26th. The bill was then amended to allow lane splitting only in stopped traffic, at no more

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Talking About Lane Splitting & Sharing The Road on ABC 7’s “Beyond The Headlines”

Lane Splitting Road Sign

We got a call from the folks at ABC 7 in San Francisco, asking if we’d like to come talk about lane splitting on an upcoming segment about “sharing the road” on Beyond The Headlines with Cheryl Jennings. Talk about

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CHP & OTS Release Lane Splitting PSA Video

Following on the heels of their recently released lane splitting guidelines, the California Highway Patrol has posted a lane splitting PSA video, “Lane Splitting – Getting Home is a Shared Responsibility.” The short video reiterates that lane splitting is legal in

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KRON4’s Stanley Roberts On Lane Splitting

Stanley Roberts is well known for his “People Behaving Badly” segments on KRON4. He recently did a segment on lane splitting, in which he answers the question “So why is this a People Behaving Badly segment, if no one is

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More Sacramento Coverage of CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines

KCRA Lane Splitting Story

Following behind the recent Sacramento Bee story on the CHP lane splitting guidelines, Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA ran a story on the “first ever guidelines for legal lane splitting,” complete with some less-than-flattering lane splitting footage and the requisite “he

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Oregon Lane Splitting Rollup

Oregon Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is currently illegal in Oregon. However, there are signs of a move to make lane sharing legal. The Oregon Department of Transportation completed a Motorcycle Lane-sharing Literature Review (PDF)  in June of 2010, which looked at things like: Reduction

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