Old News: Lane Splitting Has Been Ok for a While

Sure, the CHP have just now come out and said lane splitting is legal and ok, and of course there were mentions of the practice in driver’s handbooks – but there were media mentions and opinion pieces here and there along the way. Check out this piece from 2000, packed with thoughtful statements from car drivers like “they ought to wait in line like everybody else,” and “I didn’t even see him!”

But there’s a grudging admission that lane sharing is, in fact, legal.

Anyone who’s spent time in Bay Area traffic knows motorcyclists rarely hesitate to zip between gridlocked cars. It’s called “lane splitting,” and, to the chagrin of many motorists, California is one of the few states where it’s legal.

Check out the entire article: It’s OK for Motorcycles To Squeeze Past Traffic / ‘Lane-splitting’ bugs drivers, but it’s legal.

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