SFGate.com Weighs In On Lane Splitting

Since the recent Sacramento Bee coverage newspaper websites all over California have been echoing the Bee story. This morning SFGate.com posted “Motorcycle lane-splitting rules unveiled” – by far one of the more balanced pieces on lane sharing since the CHP guidelines were released.

The pieces features some of the best photos of lane splitting I’ve ever seen in the mainstream news – the views from above are particularly helpful in demonstrating the space cushion around a motorcycle when a rider is lane splitting sensibly. The article also includes a statement from Sergeant Mark Pope of the CHP, on why the guidelines were released:

Nobody has provided any guidance, so we decided it was time to figure that out… Basically, what we’re most interested in is the speeds. You should lane-split no faster than 10 mph over the speed of traffic around you, and we recommend (motorcyclists) not split at all if the traffic is faster than 30 mph.

It’s good to see coverage in a mainstream Bay Area publication. As a year-round moto commuter who rides the Bay Bridge both ways each day, rain or shine, I’m glad for the additional attention this article brings.

Great closing quote from rider Phil Cramer:

I wouldn’t own a motorcycle if I couldn’t do it.

Check out the whole article, Motorcycle lane-splitting rules unveiled, over here.

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