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More Sacramento Coverage of CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines

KCRA Lane Splitting Story

Following behind the recent Sacramento Bee story on the CHP lane splitting guidelines, Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA ran a story on the “first ever guidelines for legal lane splitting,” complete with some less-than-flattering lane splitting footage and the requisite “he

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Sacramento Bee Covers the CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines

Info graphic from Sacramento Bee article on lane splitting

Calling lane splitting a “slick maneuver,” The Sacramento Bee posted a story by Tony Bizjak on the new CHP lane splitting guidelines today. It’s actually a pretty balanced and in-depth piece – far better than most of the echo chamber coverage

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California Office of Traffic Safety Joins CHP in Promoting Lane Splitting Guidelines

California Office of Traffic Safety

The California Office of Traffic Safety has joined the California Highway Patrol in promoting lane splitting safety, posting the lane sharing guidelines released by the CHP on the ots.ca.gov home page. It’s great to see this getting more coverage and

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Finally! California Highway Patrol Issues Lane Splitting Guidelines

CHP says lane splitting is ok!

California riders have known for a long time that lane splitting is legal in California. Many riders—especially moto commuters—cite lane sharing as one of the big reasons riding is awesome. But many folks have long seen lane splitting as a

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Old News: Lane Splitting Has Been Ok for a While

Sure, the CHP have just now come out and said lane splitting is legal and ok, and of course there were mentions of the practice in driver’s handbooks – but there were media mentions and opinion pieces here and there

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