Video: LA Times: Open Lanes, Even During Gridlock

The LA Times, in danger of becoming a obviously slanted, pro-moto media outlet, has posted a video to accompany it’s recent opinion piece on lane splitting. The video, “Open Lanes, Even During Gridlock” features public television-esque dry narrative and some spot-on observations.

At :44, the narrator states:

Notice that the time it takes the motorcyclist to pass each car is very brief. If the motorcyclist times his move well, there isn’t time for the motorist to make a sudden maneuver that would endanger him. The key is planning the move. In stop and go traffic, the cars are a lot like big pylons on a test track.

And perhaps most importantly:

Compared to the motorist’s oppressive commute, riding through heavy traffic at a steady twenty to thirty miles per hour is exhilarating  The motorcyclist arrives refreshed, alert and ready for the day’s work.


The video is by Armand Emamdjomeh, a LA-based visual journalist. It’s been posted with the original piece now as well.

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