CA Lane Splitting Bill SB 350 Referred to Committee

In spite of the AMA reporting that SB 350 would be withdrawn, the bill history was updated yesterday as moved to Transportation & Housing Committee. The current bill status for SB 350 shows:

LAST HIST. ACT. DATE: 02/28/2013
LAST HIST. ACTION : Referred to Com. on T. & H.

ABATE released a statement shortly after the AMA’s press release, stating that SB 250 had not been withdrawn, but rather converted to a 2 year bill that would likely not be heard until 2014. The bill moving to committee seems to be in line with ABATE’s original statement, and ABATE of California Board Secretary Sandra Lubbers confirmed this for me via email today:

This is part of the normal process. It is at this point the bill’s author will request that the bill be held in committee (hence a 2-year bill).

While there’s a remote possibility that the bill is heard in April; it’s highly unlikely that the bill will be moving this year and will ultimately be heard in January 2014.

This is good news, because it give us riders lots of time to get involved and influence the content of the bill to make it worthwhile – or kill it. You can help by joining ABATE or the AMA. At the very least, sign up for alerts here (ABATE) or here (AMA) and of course stay tuned here, or follow the Facebook page or Twitter account.

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  1. James says:

    Clicked on ABATE did not take me to their web site – clicked on AMA went right to their web site. Can you correct! Then when someone clicks on ABATE it will take them directly to ABATE’S web site!!!
    Thanks for this informational web site FOR a VERY important issue!!

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