Month: February 2013

California Lane Splitting Bill SB 350 To Be Withdrawn – Or Not?


The AMA reported this afternoon that Senator Jim Beall will withdraw SB 350, pending result of the University of California-Berkeley safety study which I’ve heard is just getting going. This is great news. The bill was poorly written and extremely vague, and

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California SB 350 Lane Splitting Bill Update


There’s been a flurry of questions about SB 350, the lane splitting bill introduced by California Senator Jim Beall last week. Most of the questions center around the intent of the “three lanes” requirement in the bill’s text. I emailed

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The Week in Lane Splitting: 2.24.13

It’s been a big week for us here at First – and most importantly – I want to say a great big HUGE and heartfelt thanks to everyone: folks who liked this page, spread the word by sharing a

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CA Senator Jim Beall Introduces Bill To Legislate Specifics Of Already-Legal Lane Splitting

Lane Splitting is Legal In California

Hot on the heels of all the recent attention to the CHP lane splitting guidelines, California State Senator Jim Beall introduced Senate Bill 350, a vaguely worded bill which – despite its lack of specifics in most areas – seems

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KRON4’s Stanley Roberts On Lane Splitting

Stanley Roberts is well known for his “People Behaving Badly” segments on KRON4. He recently did a segment on lane splitting, in which he answers the question “So why is this a People Behaving Badly segment, if no one is

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Share The Road Stickers – Free All Around The SF Bay Area

I launched this website in January in response to the newly published CHP lane splitting guidelines. My original idea was that stickers with the URL would “tell the story” that lane splitting is legal in California, even if people who

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Oregon Senator Larry George Introduces Bill To Legalize Lane Splitting In Oregon

Oregon Lane Splitting Legislation

Senator Larry George, R-Sherwood District 13 has introduced Senate Bill 541 to legalize lane splitting in Oregon (PDF). The current text of the bill is pretty light – basically limiting lane splitting to 20 MPH in cases where traffic has slowed

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Public Radio AirTalk with Gabe Ets-Hokin and Robert Gladden

KPCC Lane Splitting AirTalk Segment - Mongol Rider

Southern California Public Radio station 89.3 KPCC ran an AirTalk segment yesterday to discuss lane splitting with Bay Area motorcycle community mouthpiece / CityBike editor Gabe Ets-Hokin and Vice President of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Robert Gladden. It’s great to see –

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San Francisco Lane Splitter

Since the recent Sacramento Bee coverage newspaper websites all over California have been echoing the Bee story. This morning posted “Motorcycle lane-splitting rules unveiled” – by far one of the more balanced pieces on lane sharing since the CHP guidelines were

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New Posts On Lane Splitting In Washington State

I added to posts on lane splitting in Washington state: Background piece on lane splitting in Washington. Lane splitting is specifically illegal, and the Washington State Patrol goes so far as to say motorists should call 911 and report ‘aggressive

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