Who Made This?

Me and my R1200R at the ACSO training range.

Me and my R1200R at the ACSO training range.

I’m Surj, and I started this project to help people (drivers and riders) understand the goodness of lane splitting, as well as the risks. I’m a motorcycle nut and commuter, guitar player and ecommerce / online marketing / customer acquisition expert. I’m also Editor in Chief of CityBike Magazine. I live in Oakland and work in San Francisco, so I commute year-round on my bike, splitting lanes across the Bay Bridge twice a day in rush hour traffic, rain or shine.

When the CHP announced their official guidelines for lane splitting in California, it seemed to me that there was a need for “civilians” to help get the word out, in addition to the CPH PR efforts and PSAs. So I created LaneSplittingIsLegal.com. The mission of the site is twofold: first, to provide a self-explanatory ‘public service announcement’ that clarifies the legality of lane splitting in California via a simple URL and home page, and second to serve as a resource on lane splitting and lane sharing in America.

If you’ve got some news or just want to say hey, drop me a line here.

Special thanks to my wife Angelica, who likes to make stuff, who created all the graphics and sticker designs.