Lane Splitting Resources & Links

Studies & Papers

From The California Highway Patrol

  • CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines – The original California Highway Patrol Lane Splitting General Guidelines: “Lane splitting in a safe and prudent manner is not illegal in the state of California.”
  • CHP Lane Splitting Brochure –  This brochure was distributed by the CHP to help publicize the lane splitting guidelines.

From the American Motorcyclist Association

  • Lane Splitting Position Statement – “Given the ongoing success of lane splitting in California and the recent enthusiasm for lane splitting and/or filtering in other states, the AMA endorses these practices and will assist groups and individuals working to bring legal lane splitting and/or filtering to their states.”
  • State motorcycle laws – comprehensive AMA resource page with motorcycle laws – including lane splitting – by state. Includes on- and off-road information.
  • Pro-splitting articles in American Motorcyclist magazine – the fine folks at the AMA have provided us PDFs of some great articles in the members-only AMA mag.

Links & Such

  • – “A grass-roots collaborative effort by motorcyclists and motorcycle safety professionals to promote lanesharing.” Lots of great information.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lane splitting issue statement – “Although lane splitting is allowed in just a few areas of the United States, notably California, it appears to be worthy of further study because it offers a means of reducing congestion in addition to possible safety benefits. It is widely used in many other countries.”
  • – “501 c4 non-profit organization, advocating and supporting the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation, and providing information about everyday utility riding to the public.”
  • Old CityBike article from 1997, “Lane Splitting 101” reproduced on a website that looks to be from about the same time.

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